NEO-750028E Woven Outdoor Seating Set For Cafe


NEO-750028E Woven Outdoor Seating Set For Cafe

Woven outdoor seating set offers features of light, comfortable, solid and decorative appearance altogether. It easily adapts to the decoration thanks to its color alternatives. It can be used indoors and outdoors. Woven sofa and armchair can be ordered separately and in any quantity.


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Woven Outdoor Seating Set For Cafe

  • Designs, in which different materials are used together, always provide a cosier and striking appearance. The aluminum body, woven rope and cushions offer an alternative, a different look to repetitive designs. The seating group produced for outdoor areas such as garden, balcony, terrace; can also be used indoors if suitable with the decoration. Since it does not take up space, comfortable dining and chatting areas can be created in small spaces. A coffee table or dining table can be placed in the middle. For the dining table, dozens of designs in the tables category can be viewed. It can be used in hotels, restaurants, cafes in the horeca sector, as well as in social areas of companies, factories, schools, and hospital buildings.
  • The body of the woven seating set is produced to be resistant to intensive use. The aluminum pipe ensures that the product is light and does not experience corrosion when wet. It is produced as static painted with the color chosen from the ral chart. Painting can be done as matte, shiny or texture upon request.
  • The cushion and back pad of the woven seating set can easily be cleaned at any time as they are zippered. Depending on indoor or outdoor use, there are fabric and leather alternatives in different types, patterns and colors. UV resistant, water resistant leather or fabric options can be selected for outdoor areas such as garden, balcony, patio. Logo can also be applied on the cushion upon request of the enterprise. The other option is that the cushion and back pad can be produced as quilted.
  • Color can be selected for woven rope, which attracts the most attention in the product.
  • Sofa and armchair can be ordered separately and in desired quantity. Thus, it is convenient to create the desired decoration.
  • It is a comfortable choice for those who want to take a break from the pace of modern city life. The woven rope seating group can be used anywhere dreamed of in terms of durability and design. At the same time, different views can be obtained with color selections. Thanks to being ergonomic and comfortable, it contributes to pleasant times. Please contact for detailed information and wholesale prices of the woven outdoor seating set.


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