NEO-250199E Cafe Coffee Shop Booth Pod Style Modern


NEO-250199E Cafe Coffee Shop Booth Pod Style Modern

Cafe coffee shop booth has a modern, different and catchy design. Colors can be selected for the cushions and the body. It can be produced in special dimensions according to the decoration. It can be used indoors or outdoors. Pod style booth is ideal for use in fast food restaurants and shopping malls.


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Cafe Coffee Shop Booth Pod Style Modern

  • Different decorations can be created with the high back cafe booth. The pod style cafe booth gives the guests a spacious and comfortable feeling with its modern, catchy design. Harmony with other furniture is ensured with color selection for the custom made product. In addition to standard dimensions, it can be produced in different lengths depending on the dimensions of the area.
  • The cushions for the seat and back can be produced with leather or fabric. Color can be selected. The cushions are produced with zipper for easy cleaning.
  • Color can be selected from the ral chart for the body. It can be painted as shiny, matte or texture.
  • It is suitable for indoor decorations. If it is used outdoors, cataphoresis coating is applied before the static paint. Acrylic fabric or leather with UV additive is used for the cushions.
  • Tables category can be viewed for the cafe table to be used together. Most of the tables are custom made and can be produced in the size of a cedar.
  • Product dimensions w.127cm d.65cm h.124cm
  • It is ideal for cafe, coffee shop, fast food restaurant and shopping mall decorations. Please contact for detailed information and wholesale prices.



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