Coffee Shop Chairs

Coffee Shop Chairs

The Coffee Shop Chairs are one of the most important indoor and outdoor furniture of the Coffee Shop businesses, which stands out with their different designs and useful features. These chair types are produced with many different material and color options which is carefully designed for your guests to have a comfortable experience. In this way, you can easily choose the chair models that are suitable for your usage area and purpose.
With the Coffee Shop Chairs you can create a stylish and comfortable conversation space for your guests, which are one of the most important elements that reflect your brand’s image and style. Thanks to its different color option and different material types which adds a special atmosphere to your space. Beside the metal, plastic, polycarbonate and cast coffee shop chair models you can also evaluate wood, woven and upholstered models.

Metal Chairs For Coffee Shop

The Metal Chairs are custom made product, which an ideal option for indoor and outdoor use of coffee shop businesses. Color selection can be made in order to adapt to the furniture and other furniture. Minor changes can be made on some models according to preferences. It provides a stylish appearance with different tables such as solid wood, HPL, glass, werzalite and veneer. It is among the trend products of recent years.

Plastic Chairs For Coffee Shop

If you are looking for a light, decorative, durable, stackable and comfortable chair, you can review the plastic Chairs collection. Thanks to its all-weather feature, it can stand in outdoors for four seasons. Although it is included in the category of garden furniture, it is also frequently used in indoor decorations.

Iroko Chairs For Coffee Shop

The Iroko furniture are one of the oldest known garden furniture which is used in garden furniture which is used in garden, patio and terrace areas offers an ideal solution for commercial use. Since iroko chairs are specially produced for decoration, it is possible to make some changes on the product. Teak oil is applied on Iroko chairs. In this way, a more decorative appearance and a long-lasting product is obtained.

Woven Chairs For Coffee Shop

The color of the rope and metal body can be determined by the user in custom made product chairs. UV resistant ropes do not fade under the sun. Color selection can be made from acrylic and polyester fabrics for the cushion. With Woven Chairs, you can create a comfortable and aesthetic environment for your guests in coffee shop decorations.

Polycarbonate Chairs For Coffee Shop

Transparent chairs add a dynamic and cheerful atmosphere in its environment. Polycarbonate Chairs, produced in many different models, thanks to its all-weather feature which do not fade under the sunlight and are not affected by rainfall. Polycarbonate Chairs are stackable which provides ease of transportation and storage. It can be used safely for many years in crowded businesses. In this way, it contributes to your business budget. It is user friendly.

Aluminum Cast Chairs For Coffee Shop

Durability and long-lasting usage is an important element for Coffee Shop chairs. The product is smash resistant and weather resistant which you can use for a long time. The products in the category are made of extremely high quality materials and are ideal for commercial use. For cast aluminum chairs, you can choose the color from the ral color chart. Chairs provide advantages for transportation and storage times as they can be disassembled. Their installation is very practical. You can also order a seat cushion for chairs. For cushions, you can choose colors and patterns from acrylic or polyester fabric charts.
Depending on the style of your business, you can choose among the industrial, retro, classic, vintage and modern looking chair models. Neo Horeca offers chairs which is produced for coffee shop businesses with high quality standards and economical prices. You can also evaluate the Coffee Shop chairs that the most suitable for your business, and order your favorite model immediately, and offer your guests the comfort they deserve.