Sun Loungers and Swings

Sun Loungers and Swings

Sun loungers; which are suitable for outdoor areas such as gardens, terraces, balconies and patios, as well as poolsides of hotels, spa, aqua parks and residential sites; attract attention with their different designs and ergonomic features. The garden sun loungers, which are preferred for creating comfortable areas in outdoor spaces, are included in almost every decoration thanks to their designs in different styles such as modern, classic, vintage, country and bohemian.

Preferred for use while sunbathing, reading books and newspapers, drinking tea and coffee, Sun loungers and swings are made of materials resistant to external environmental conditions and provide long-lasting use. Collection products produced from materials such as polypropylene, iroko and aluminum satisfy their users with their practical use, long service life and comfortable seating.

Sun lounger models; which have options such as curvy, with or without cushion, with or without armrests; provide the most comfortable use thanks to their ergonomic structure. Sun loungers which can optionally be ordered with cushions can be transformed into an original design. For sun loungers with polyester and acrylic fabric charts, the desired pattern and fabric can be chosen. Acrylic fabrics have a 5-year colorfastness guarantee.

Garden swings made of UV added polypropylene material are among the garden furniture that are used fondly. They can resist against heat, sun, rain, snow and water and can be used without any deformation. Models with elegant designs are offered with different color alternatives. Swing models, which also have personalised logo and modification options, provide ideal use both for living spaces and the horeca sector.

Sun Loungers and Swings Models

Sun loungers and swings are essential outdoor furniture pieces that come in various models, each designed to enhance relaxation and aesthetic appeal in different settings. Starting with sun loungers, they range from classic wooden designs, ideal for a timeless, natural look, to modern, sleek metal frames for a more contemporary feel. Many models feature adjustable backrests for optimal comfort and are often accompanied by plush, weather-resistant cushions. Some even include built-in side tables or canopies for added convenience and sun protection.

Swing models, on the other hand, are diverse and imaginative. Traditional wooden porch swings evoke a sense of nostalgia and charm, perfect for leisurely afternoons. For a more modern approach, metal or wicker swings with clean lines and minimalist designs fit seamlessly into contemporary outdoor spaces. Hanging egg chairs and hammock swings, with their unique shapes and cocooning comfort, offer a trendy and cozy retreat. There are also swings designed specifically for children, which are often more colorful and made with safety in mind. Each model, whether it be a sun lounger or a swing, is crafted to provide a special touch of comfort and style to outdoor living spaces.