Outdoor Chairs

Outdoor Chairs

Outdoor chairs, which will make you feel comfortable in the most pleasant weather, guarantee aesthetic stance, comfort and a long-lasting use. Chairs that can be used in garden, terrace, balcony, patio areas, or in the outdoor areas of enterprises such as cafes and restaurants; adapt to every environment thanks to the various materials such as metal, polycarbonate, casting, plastic, woven and wood.

Metal Outdoor Chairs

Outdoor chairs produced using metal materials have different designs with their legs, backrests and seating areas. Depending on the style of the environment, you can choose armchairs, simpler models without armrests, or models with porous, striped or diagonal backrests. The seats can be used without a cushion, or you can order soft cushion upholsteries. Since the fabric of the cushions can easily be removed, you can easily use the washing machine to clean them. Metal parts of the chairs stand out as they can be painted in different colors as either shiny or matte. Thus, it is very easy to create harmony in decorations with metal outdoor chairs.

Polycarbonate Outdoor Chairs

Transparent outdoor chairs made of polycarbonate material stand out with their lightness and convenient use in crowded places. The chairs, which create a very cosy atmosphere in decoration with their curved corners, are known for their long-lasting use as well as their ergonomic features. While the smoothness of their surfaces emphasises the stylish and decorative stance, their practical cleaning and usage features are the reasons why they are preferred.

Plastic Outdoor Chairs

Plastic designs also appeal to every taste with retro, modern and classic models. Plastic outdoor chairs, produced using glass-fibre material, promise long-lasting use with their unbreakable feature and beautify the outdoor spaces with their stylish stance. Being light makes it easy both for the guests and enterprises. Chairs that do not take up space when stored as they are stackable.

Woven Outdoor Chairs

If you think that the weave pattern designs match your decoration style, you can choose the models that you can use either with fabric or leather upholstery or even without upholstery. You can choose models with woven details only at the back; as well as woven details at the back, seat and armrests altogether. Woven designs, which attract attention thanks to their durable details and long service life, make your space privileged with their natural stance.

Iroko Outdoor Chairs

Wooden models designed using Iroko wood material are also very eye-catching. Teak oil is applied on the wooden chairs, which make the products both very aesthetic and resistant to all external conditions. If you would like to feel the quality and natural texture of wood in your enterprise, these chairs are for you. All details for custom made wooden chairs can be determined by the user.

Cast Aluminum Outdoor Chairs

Cast chairs are ideal for those who prefer classic style garden furniture. Chairs with eye-catching, comfortable and long-lasting features are custom produced. There are many options for color selection. Shipment of these demountable models are very easy and economical.

If you would like to make a difference in the decoration of the garden, patio, terrace areas; you can check out the outdoor chairs designed in different styles and request further information about details and wholesale prices.