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Woven Chairs

Woven Chairs

Woven Chair models are preferred for personal use or for enterprises; such as hotels, restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, steak houses, plazas and offices; to capture a modern and stylish atmosphere. Woven Chair designs are produced using different materials and have alternatives that adapt to different concepts.

Rope can be used in the different parts of the body; such as the back, armrest and seat; which is made of different materials such as metal and wood. It is usually produced using thick and quality textured ropes. Visual beauty is achieved by revealing motifs with threads in different ways. Among the Woven Chair models, there are options that are protected against the sun rays. You can choose the furniture that will be in contact with the sun in balconies, terraces and poolsides, and use them in their first day form for a long time.

Stylish Woven Chair Designs

There are Woven Chair models in various forms and colors that adapt to different styles such as modern, vintage, retro, Scandinavian and rustic. Quality products are available to suit nature-inspired styles, beach house decorations and commercial enterprises. Color and fabric alternatives in the chair models can be chosen according to the taste of the user. Different metals such as light aluminum and brass, which attract attention with their brilliance, are used in products with metal bodies.

The paints are dust-proof and static in order to be protected in the outdoor spaces for a long time. Cataphoresis coating, which is resistant to rain and water, is used. Wooden frame is often preferred indoors and for outdoor designs with porches. The body, created with oval or angular geometric forms, is equipped with ropes that take the shape of the back and make it feel comfortable when seated. You can use the cushioned chairs with a table or as a stand-alone seating group.

Cleaning Tips for Woven Chairs

In cushioned models, you can wash it in the washing machine and by hand, as the upholstery fabric is detachable by means of a zipper. Woven Chairs do not easily dust thanks to its metal static paint and does not require frequent maintenance. After removing the dust from the threaded parts with a vacuum cleaner, you can use a cloth moistened with warm water. For stubborn dirt, you can choose mild cleaners that do not contain heavy chemicals or bleach.



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