Garden Chairs

Garden Chairs

Garden Chairs, which are specially designed for the gardens of all kinds of enterprises such as hotels, cafes, bars, restaurants; are highly resistant to outdoor weather conditions and have unique designs. Chairs produced using a rich variety of materials including metal, polycarbonate, plastic, wood, cast and weave; offer a guarantee to adapt to your space and decoration.

Metal Garden Chairs

Garden Chairs produced with metal material stand out with different designs of their legs, seats and backs. The chairs with a porous structure at the seat and back prevent sweating and water accumulation. The designs, which can be used with or without a cushion, can easily be harmonised with the decoration style. Since the models can be painted as matte or shiny and upholstered with fabric and leather; they can be personalised practically. Metal Garden Chairs not only appeal to the eye thanks to their modern and stylish stances, but are also ideal for use in events with intensive human traffic and crowded enterprises. You can use metal garden chairs in gardens, terraces, dining areas or in the shopping malls.

Plastic Garden Chairs

If you find plastic material practical, you can make a difference with Plastic Garden Chair models designed in retro and modern styles. The chairs, produced using polypropylene material offering comfort and aesthetics together; attract attention with their aesthetic stance, lightness, durability and practical use. The fact that they are produced using glass-fibre material gives an unbreakable feature to chairs. The variety of designs at the seat and back blends in with different decorations easily.

Polycarbonate Garden Chairs

Chairs with a decorative appearance, comfortable seating and solid body structure are offered with different color alternatives. Products in the garden furniture group are frequently preferred in interior decorations as well. Its color does not fade and it can be used for many years with its new appearance.

Iroko Garden Chairs

One of the eye catching garden chair designs is the one that metal blends with wood. The chairs; which are produced using Iroko wood, offer a very stylish appearance when combined with an aluminum body; are among the eye-catching furniture of outdoor spaces thanks to their quality, comfort and durability. The wood used at the seat, back and armrests; adds a natural atmosphere. If desired, the chairs can be used with a cushion. In addition, these chairs are also produced as all wood. The chairs that are very easy to carry and resistant to all weather conditions are the choice of stylish enterprises.

Woven Garden Chairs

The chairs, which offer a stylish look with the woven ropes on the metal body, are the favorite of those who prefer a modern look. The woven garden chairs, which grab attention with their lightness, solid structure and aesthetic appearance, are also striking when used with pastel-toned cushions. Zippered cushions can easily be cleaned. With their extremely stain-resistant structure, these models can be used reliably for many years in open air. Woven chairs are recommended to be used without leaving them under rain and with a shelter on top.

Cast Aluminum Garden Chairs

You can create both a comfortable and stylish decoration with chairs that have a classic appearance. Colors can be chosen by users. You can order with a cushion according to desire. Cast Aluminum Garden and Patio Furniture is among the preferred outdoor furniture for many years.

If you would like to decorate your outdoor areas with aesthetic and robust furniture types, please check out the garden chairs produced by Neo Horeca. Please contact for information and wholesale prices of the products.