Bar Chairs and Bar Stools

Bar Chairs and Bar Stools

Bar chairs and bar stools contain a wide range of products that will make you forget standard and common designs. There are alternatives such as metal, wood, plastic, polycarbonate and upholstered. You can view all models and choose the right design for your space or company.

Plastic bar chairs stand out with their lightweight construction. Thanks to the UV protection used during the production phase, these models offer many advantages for outdoor use. Plastic products can be used in all open areas throughout the year without worrying about the negative effects of sunlight. Thanks to the glass-fibre additive, the products have resistance to impacts and weight. If you wish, you can choose aluminum material for the legs and change the color of the chair.

Metal bar stools are particularly suited well with minimal and contemporary spaces. Metal stools, especially in woven form, offer a different elegance. Since woven designs also provide air permeability, they offer extra comfort for summer days and eliminate sweating problems during long periods of seating. All metal models are completed with static painting technique, so it is possible to change the color of the design. Chairs and stools made of metal can also be used in open areas. For interior decoration, coatings such as chrome, copper, brass, bronze can be applied on the metal body.

There are countless options for those who can not give up the cosiness of wood. Models made of first class kiln-dried beech wood are produced with different polish options. Since the chairs are custom made, you can change the color of the legs and body. You can combine wooden chairs with metal legs or have upholstery application with alternatives such as suede, leather, nubuck and linen.

You can use bar chairs both indoors and outdoors in places such as hotels, restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, fast food restaurants, bars and shopping malls. In addition, bar tables category can be viewed and to make the most suitable combination for decorations. Please contact us for further details regarding bar chairs and bar stools with advantageous options.