Cafe Chairs

Café Chairs

The chairs which are one of the most important pieces of decoration, which has a special importance in café sector. Chairs are mostly used in the sitting areas of café decorations. Café chairs, which can be used in indoor and outdoor, not only host your guests in comfortable way, but also reflect the spirit of your business.
Classic, modern, country, vintage, retro or industrial style products help you reflect the style of your business. Cafe chairs can be produced from many different materials.

Metal Café Chairs

Metal Café Chairs are produced upon order and the color selection can be made from the color chart (cartel). it can be painted in glossy and matte and in order to prevent the chair from being affected by external weather conditions, the product is coated with cataphoresis before painting. The metal chairs contributes your business budget because they are not deformed. The increasing number of metal chair models makes it easy for you to choose the most suitable chair for your decoration. apart from outdoor areas such as garden, patios and terraces, it is also an ideal option for indoor decorations.

Plastic Cafe Chairs

Plastic cafe chairs are produced in high quantities in certain molds and are available in stocks. The glass fibers are used in their production in order to prevent the chairs from breaking and provide a long-lasting use. Each of the stock plastic chairs has different colors. Since it is UV protected, its colors do not fade. They are among the preferred products because they are light, comfortable and decorative. The Plastic Café Chairs are ideal for both outdoor and indoor dining areas.

Iroko Cafe Chairs

Wooden cafe chairs are produced from iroko wood in accordance with outdoor conditions and teak oil is applied on them. The product is produced upon order. Some changes can be made on the Iroko Café Chairs according to user preferences which are produced upon order. If you desire you can also use it in indoor.

Woven Cafe Chairs

Woven chairs models, which have become a trend in recent years, stand out with their decorative appearance and comfortable use. The woven ropes which are resistance to UV rays are used in order to not affect by sunlight Color selection can be made from the color chart (cartel) for the metal body and ropes, and the paint can be applied as matte or glossy according to user preferences. It can be use in indoor or you can also use it in outdoor areas with awning system.

Polycarbonate Cafe Chairs

Polycarbonate cafe chairs are models that add a dynamic atmosphere to the environment. The transparent products allow you to create a spacious dining area. It preserves its new appearance for many years even under extreme sunlight. In general, the stocked product is manufactured in high numbers in certain molds and custom made production cannot be made. All products in a transparent structure are available in different colors. It is an ideal option for both indoor and outdoor decoration.

Aluminum Cast Cafe Chairs

Cafe chairs are produced as aluminum casting in certain molds. Since the products that are put into production upon order Size cannot be changed because it is poured into the mold. The color of the static painted chairs can be selected by the user from the existing color charts (cartel). You can create a catchy decoration with cast chairs. Cast aluminum chairs, which can stand for 12 months in outdoors, do not rust due to rain.

Upholstered Cafe Chairs

The Upholstered Café Chairs are produced upon order. The metal or wooden body of the chair is can be chosen by users. Fabric or leather can be used for upholstery and color selection can be made by user. It is an ideal product for indoor decorations. These products are preferred because their comfort, durability and their warm appearance.
The cafe chair collection, which consists of stylish, comfortable, functional and quality products, can easily adapt to the style of your business. The chair that are appeal to the eyes of the customers when they enter to the place, it also attract attentions with their comfort and seating experience. If you want to renew your café chairs you can evaluate the cafe chair collection and create a special chair for your business with the changes you will make.