Garden Furniture

Garden Furniture

Garden Furniture designed to fully enjoy the spring and summer in outdoor areas and under the sun; are the new favourites of homes and the horeca sector. Furniture produced using different materials are generally divided into 4 different categories: garden tables, garden chairs, garden sofa sets and garden umbrellas. The products, which are also classified according to their materials, make a difference with their style. Products designed as modern, country, vintage and classic are in more demand as a result of the gradual spread of inventive decorations.

Garden Tables and Chairs

Tables and chairs, which provide the basis as the main element of decoration in balconies, terraces and gardens; are mostly made of metal, plastic, polycarbonate and wooden materials. Being light and portable are among the most advantageous features. The most important indicator of their durability is that the paint and polish does not deform in a short time and they are durable for external conditions. In addition to the tables and chairs produced to host groups of two, four and eight people at once, you can also find bar chairs suitable for use in terraces and gardens.

Garden Sofa Sets

Designed for sitting, relaxing and chatting for long hours, garden sofa and sofa sets are among the furniture that completes garden decorations. Sofa sets produced for large terraces and gardens; consist of three seater sofa, two seater sofa, single sofa and corner sofas. The products sold as a set together with a coffee table attract attention with their designs that add aesthetics to its space. Furniture designed by choosing very light materials, mostly using polycarbonate, metal and wooden materials. The materials that are resistant to sun, wind and rain offer a long service life.

The cushions of the sofa sets that reflect the quality of the products are also quite comfortable. Fabrics that do not absorb the sun and do not sweat are preferred for comfortable seating. The issue of hygiene and cleaning, which is very important especially for cafes, hotels and restaurants, directly affect the choice of fabrics. Fabrics that are stain-proof, easy-to-clean and resistant to frequent washing provide significant advantages.

Garden Umbrellas

Garden umbrellas, which are necessary to protect both from the sun and heat on hot days; are used with sofa sets and dining groups. In addition, beach umbrellas preferred for pool and beach areas also provide a pleasant time in summer.

Garden furniture designed for garden, terrace and balcony stands out with its comfortable, durable and decorative features. Please check out the custom produced garden furniture for enterprises such as hotels, restaurants and cafes. Please ask for detailed information and wholesale prices.