Garden Umbrellas

Garden Umbrellas

Garden umbrellas that offer comfort have a wide usage area. They are suitable for use in the horeca sector such as in hotels, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, fast food restaurants, shopping malls, as well as by the poolside, beach and seaside of residential sites.

Garden umbrellas designed as custom production are produced in different shapes and different sizes such as round, square and rectangular according to the purpose of use. Garden Umbrellas, which vary in sizes according to the place of use, provide ideal use with their small dimensions for areas such as the beach and poolside. Umbrella models with large dimensions are preferred by the horeca sector.

The body material of the garden umbrellas is produced from aluminum material in order to provide strength and durability. The color of the body can be changed in the desired color according to the preference and the concept of the space. In addition, LED lighting can be mounted under large umbrella models.

There is a rich range of patterns and colors in the acrylic and polyester fabric charts to appeal to all tastes. The most suitable choice can be made according to the decoration. Acrylic fabrics, which do not fade and have water repellency and provide a long-lasting use. There is a  second tower located at the top of the umbrellas to provide air evacuation. Corporate logo and print can be applied to the fringes of the umbrellas as fringed garden umbrella models are mostly preferred by companies in the food and beverage sector.

Garden umbrella models have two different body designs as they are located on the side or in the middle. Making a choice according to the area to be used is among the important details. In addition, umbrellas in with a two-legged awning system are produced in many different lengths and sizes. Sun loungers and swings and outdoor sofa sets can also be viewed to create stylish garden decorations. Please contact us for detailed information about the umbrellas and their features that will add a different designs to outdoor use.