NEO-104351E Upholstered Metal Cafe Bergere


NEO-104351E Upholstered Metal Cafe Bergere

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It is the choice of enterprises that want to offer their guests a stylish and comfortable space. It makes a difference in cafe, hotel and coffee shop decorations.



Upholstered Metal Cafe Bergere

  • The back part is made of perforated sheet metal.
  • Thanks to its curved back form and upholstery, it provides comfortable seating even in long-term use.
  • It has conical legs.
  • It has a robust body structure. It does not deform due to intensive use in enterprises.
  • It has rich color options. The selected color can be applied as matte, shiny or texture.
  • Please contact for different coating options such as chrome, copper, bronze and gold.
  • Cataphoresis coating is applied before the paint to prevent corrosion.
  • Acrylic fabric or waterproof leather can be used in the upholstery part if it is going to be left under direct rain.
  • General usage areas; Indoor and outdoor areas of houses and enterprises. Cafe, restaurant, hotel, bar and coffee shops.
  • Upholstery detail; Options are available for different fabric and leather types, patterns and colors.
  • Please contact for detailed information and a price quote for the Upholstered Metal Cafe Bergere.

Please contact us for further details about the production stages, technical information, delivery time, customised logo production, modification options, price information and to place an order.


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