Metal Armchair Models

Metal furniture, which is among the furniture designs becoming more and more preferred every year, is more advantageous in terms of durability while meeting visual expectations. Metal furniture has a stylish appearance thanks to its use with combination of different materials. Pieces such as wood, fabric, and mesh provide a cosy appearance in Metal Armchair designs, . Since metal armchairs are custom made, color can be selected to match the decoration. The body can be painted shiny or matte with the color determined from the ral chart. For indoor use, different coating applications can be made for a more assertive look. For example, there are copper plating, brass plating, bronze plating, chrome plating options.


Metal outdoor armchairs produced with aluminum material are suitable for use in garden, patio, balcony areas. For metal furniture other than aluminum, cataphoresis coating is applied before paint. Thus, corrosion due to water is prevented.


NEO Horeca is a manufacturer of metal furniture. Metal armchair models can be selected from the product collection. For high quantity orders, information can be requested for the production of a hand drawn model to suit the decoration of an enterprise. These chairs are preferred for places such as hotel room, lobby hall, cafe, restaurant, shopping mall, waiting rooms of companies and hospital rooms. Metal dining tables can also be viewed to create stylish combinations.


The cushions used for the seat and back of the metal armchairs can be produced with different types of fabrics or leathers. The same choice can be made for upholstered metal armchair models. Leather, suede, nubuck can be used both for the upholstery and cushion. In addition, fabric types such as velvet, linen, cotton, chenille can be preferred. Please contact for information about the metal armchair production and wholesale prices.