Metal Sofa and Lounge Sets

In the Metal Sofa and Lounge Set collection, you can view the trending models of today. You can choose from models produced in different designs to suit the style of the decoration. Metal sofas, which are produced flawlessly with advanced technology with the aim of comfort, durability and economic prices, are frequently preferred by architects and business owners. Models can be ordered as a set or in desired quantities per piece for indoor, outdoor, home decorations and for commercial use. For example; a double sofa, triple sofa, a single armchair or daybed can be requested from a sitting group. In addition, for some models, special dimensions can be requested according to the size of the place and the desired layout to be created.

Sofa and lounge sets differ according to the material used in its production. Products in the collection are designed and produced as wrought iron sofa, iron sofa, cast iron sofa, cast aluminum sofa, aluminum sofa, woven sofa, mesh metal sofa. Some models can be designed as metal corner sofas. For the cushions to be used in metal sofas, colors can be chosen from polyester and acrylic fabric charts according to demand. In addition, among the tens of colors on the ral chart for the sofa body, the most suitable color for the project can be applied.

Today, metal sofas are not considered as garden furniture only. According to the decoration,  it is produced in vintage, retro, modern, country, contemporary, farm style and industrial styles. Thanks to this variety, metal furniture is preferred in the interior as well as in patio, garden and terrace areas. Metal sofas are also suitable for commercial use, thanks to their durability and comfort. It is ideal for crowded groups of friends in hotels, restaurants, cafes, coffee shops and shopping malls. If it is to be used for both dining and chatting purposes, a dining table can be used instead of a coffee table. It is the choice of enterprises that want to provide home comfort to their guests. In addition, the fact that metal furniture does not require any maintenance is an important reason to prefer. Metal sofa sets provide long-term durability in enterprises with intensive human traffic thanks to their quality materials and professional production techniques.

Architects and business owners have the opportunity to identify many details in wholesale metal furniture. For high quantity orders, you can forward drawings of sofa models of your project. Please contact for wholesale prices and detailed information about metal sofa sets.