Metal Furniture

Metal Furniture

Use of metal furniture and accessories in the decoration process adds a characteristic atmosphere to the environment. Considered as a complementary to the charismatic style concept, metal, when considered as a material, promises long-term use thanks to its durability both for indoor and outdoor use. Metal furniture, which is preferred in enterprises such as hotels, restaurants and cafes, is also used in offices, hospitals and homes. The fact that the furniture is all-metal or has some metal details plays a role in product durability.

Metal sofas, sofa sets, tables and chairs in the collection are designed to create a soft harmony with materials of different textures. Its distinctive stance, which separates metal from other materials, creates a sophisticated atmosphere in spaces. The cold appearance of raw metal can be broken with even small details during the production phase, transforming the decoration of the environment into a cosy and lively space. The material, in which brass, bronze, silver, gold and black colors are frequently preferred, has three different appearances: shiny, matte and texture.

Metal tables and chairs, which are mostly preferred in the horeca sector, can be processed as desired thanks to the convenience offered by the material. Metal; which has a great advantage in terms of design; transforms into comfortable and dynamic furniture. Another advantage of metal chairs and tables that can be used at homes, is that they are very light and portable thanks to new technologies. Metal chairs with upholstery at the seat and back, can be upholstered with different fabrics, including leather and they achieve a natural harmony with any color textile.

Metal seating groups and sofas are produced as sets. The products that change the atmosphere of the environment with their stylish and comfortable cushions, achieve a perfect harmony with materials such as wood and ceramic. Metal furniture, which gives a feeling of spaciousness, can be used with many different decoration styles, from modern to classic, from minimalist to rustic, expanding its usage area. Metal material that enriches alternatives, liberates decorations.

Metal, which is used to create different and unique interior perceptions, is among the most preferred materials in interior decoration as it is advantageous due to its nature. Please check out the models in order to create innovative and original spaces with the metal furniture offered in the collection and please contact to get detailed information.