NEO-600105E Remote Control Umbrella Led Light Crank System


NEO-600105E Remote Control Umbrella Led Light Crank System

Led light, remote controlled umbrella is ideal both for corporate and individual use. Color of fabric can be selected. The umbrella used in outdoor areas of crowded enterprises such as cafes, hotels and shopping malls have a stylish appearance and robust body structure.


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Remote Control Umbrella Led Light Crank System

  • The body of the umbrella is aluminum profile. Body Diameter 100mm. Wall Thickness 3,5mm. There are 8 profiles under the fabric.
  • There is a solar panel on the umbrella. There are led lightings on the arms. The working voltage of the led lights is 12V and is safe. The lights can be switched on and off with the remote control. It can work 6 hours uninterrupted on average. It also collects the necessary energy in cloudy weather. If the heater is to be installed on the umbrella, an external 220V cable is needed. Please ask for detailed information.
  • In mass production anodized coating is made on aluminum body. It can be produced as static painted according to demand. The color selected from the ral chart can be applied on the product.
  • The acrylic fabric used in the umbrella has UV additives and has a 5 year fastness guarantee. Color of the fabric can be selected for the umbrella which is custom produced. Sunbrella fabric can be used upon request. In addition, if the user specifically requests a brand or fabric it can be supplied.
  • It can be produced with or without blinds.
  • If two or more umbrellas are to be placed side by side, grooves can be made between the blinds from the same fabric. In this way, water does not flow downwards between two umbrellas.
  • Logo can be applied to the blinds for corporate companies.
  • There is an air shaft at the top of the umbrella. This results in greater air discharge and additional wind resistance.
  • Due to its telescopic feature, the umbrella moves downward when opening and upward when closing. In this way, it is not necessary to pull the tables and chairs underneath. This movement happens with the gear system located in the body.
  • Marble leg is generally preferred. When the umbrella is closed, it can be taken to the appropriate place thanks to the wheels. Optionally, the umbrella can be mounted directly to the floor.

It is preferred by enterprises in the horeca sector in the outdoor areas of cafes, restaurants, hotels, shopping malls, coffee shops, fast food restaurants. Apart from commercial areas, it can also be used individually in the gardens of houses. It can be defined as user friendly. Its aesthetic appearance, ease of use, robustness, led light are the prominent features. Square umbrella can be used in areas such as terrace, garden, patio. It is recommended to use the umbrella which prevents sunlight and heat only for this purpose. It must be closed in windy weather or when no one is in the area. The square umbrella dimensions and other technical dimensions in production are as below. Please contact for detailed information and wholesale prices.


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