Crank System Umbrellas

Crank System Umbrellas

Crank System Umbrellas

Crank system umbrellas are multi-purpose products designed for use in commercial enterprises such as cafes, hotels, private pools, and residences with terraces and gardens. The products that protect against harmful sun rays are ideal for creating cool spaces. Crank System Umbrellas, which have different models according to usage areas and user preferences, provide a high level of comfort thanks to their practical use created with the crank system.

Crank system umbrellas with acrylic and polyester fabrics on the aluminum bodies create an ease of positioning in the desired location thanks to their wheeled legs. The models designed with or without lights according to your needs; support the aesthetic style with different color options to integrate with the usage area. The crank opening lever handle attached to the umbrella body enables the umbrella to be opened and closed effortlessly in seconds.

The models designed with and without fringes can be used without any problems thanks to the air evacuation on the roof and the skeleton system that increases the durability. The body, which is placed on a wheeled leg, can also be mounted directly on the floor if desired. It is designed to suit well with commercial outdoor furniture.

The models with lights perform up to 6 hours of illumination with the energy they accumulate without creating energy costs thanks to the solar panels placed at the top. If you wish, grooves can be applied at the joints of umbrellas positioned side by side, and water leakage between umbrellas can be prevented.

Umbrellas, which have the power of durable and high quality materials, support the uninterrupted continuity of your outdoor pleasure with their warranty period offered for the fabric and metal parts. Please contact us for detailed information about crank system umbrella designs which add variety and comfort to living spaces and for their wholesale prices.

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