NEO-300439E Wooden Cafe Chair With Cushion

NEO-300439E Wooden Cafe Chair With Cushion

NEO-300439E Wooden Cafe Chair With Cushion

$ 147.00

Lounge chair and two seater sofas are produced in the same model as wooden chairs. You can choose from color cards for cushion color. It offers a comfortable and stylish solution for cafe, restaurant and hotel decorations.

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Wooden Cafe Chair With Cushion

  • It is a simple and comfortable cafe chair designed for those who prefer furniture produced with natural materials. Solid wood body, in which the veins of the tree are visible, provides a cosy appearance in decoration.
  • Colors and patterns can be selected for the cushion for the seat and back. Fabric or leather can be used.
  • Chair dimensions  w.41cm d.57cm h.89cm
  • Lounge chair and two seater sofas are also produced in the same model. It can be decorated together in the same place.
  • It is suitable for indoor use. It can be produced from iroko wood for outdoor decorations.
  • Robust body chair is suitable for commercial use. It can be used as cafe chair, restaurant chair, hotel chair, food court chair, coffee shop chair. Please contact for detailed information and wholesale prices.