Upholstered Dining Chair Models

Upholstered Dining Chairs are products in which aesthetic appearance meets comfort. It appears in different styles in home decorations or in enterprises; such as cafe, restaurant, hotel, coffee shop, shopping mall; where people go to spend nice time. Side chair, parsons chair, barrel chair, wingback chair, open back chair, katakana chair, cane chair, spindle back chair, curved back chair, tufted back chair, tub chair, queen anne chair, windsor back chair, glam chair models can be viewed. Designed in different styles; such as modern, vintage, nostalgic, classic, industrial, mid century, counrty, scandinavian; the chairs are produced using advanced technology and quality materials.

The body of the upholstered chairs can be wood or metal. Wood, which is a natural material, stands out with its cosy appearance and decorative stance. With different polishing applications, the same product can look different in different places. Distressed, lacquer, gold leaf, silver leaf, walnut patina, oak patina applications can be requested for the upholstered dining chairs which are custom produced. Chairs with a metal body provide an advantage with their durability in enterprises with intensive use. The metal body chairs can be painted in the color chosen from the ral chart. Distressed application can be done. Paint can be applied on the product as matte or shiny. Besides paint; bronze, copper, brass, gold coatings can be applied.

Different types of leather or fabric can be used for the upholstery. Colors and patterns can be selected from faux leather, suede, nubuck, velvet, linen, cotton, chenille charts. The upholstery can be made either flat or quilted, depending on preference. You can ask for information about the suitable options according to the dining area where the product will be used. Please contact for detailed information and wholesale prices of the chairs.