Cane Chairs

Cane Chairs

Cane detailed furniture, which is a favourite of European and Asian civilisations, is highly appreciated with its needle lace-like embroidery. Chair designs produced from cane embroidery, which was traditionally preferred in the Ottoman period, are also used by within the concepts of the modern period.

The part knitted from bamboo threads, which gives a needlepoint effect in Cane Chair designs, fills the inner part of the body, on the back and sides. Designs that reflect classical and retro styles with their openwork effect are frequently preferred in many places such as hotels, cafes, restaurants and coffee shops. There are stylish alternatives preferred to create harmony in concepts dominated by natural colors and textures, or to capture a contradictory style in modern style.

Contemporary and Traditional Cane Chair Designs

Today, Cane Chair is often preferred in commercial and personal areas for various creative concepts. You can choose the color you want for the body and legs, which are usually made of wood. The models consist of different variants with oval designs in which the back and sides are developed as one piece, and with attached armrests.  Models with armrests are generally preferred in indoor and outdoor areas as a waiting room chair or as a  coffee table set. Armless chairs are often designed as a set with dining tables.

A comfortable seating area is created by using high quality foam for the upholstered models with leather and different fabric details. The bodies feature simple lines in retro, modern styles and details such as elegant carvings with Renaissance effect. Wooden frame chairs, which come together with cane and cane details, are appreciated for their comfort and durability.

Cane Chair Decoration Tips

Cane Chairs, which were frequently used in historical movements and find place in nostalgic designs, have elegant designs that change the atmosphere of spaces. A pleasant atmosphere can be created by combining Cane Chairs with harmonious materials around the office, restaurant, study room and the dining room areas. You can catch a cosy atmosphere by choosing cushions with leather and fabric details according to the color of the space. You can create a very nostalgic and stylish space with macrame ornaments and green plants that are compatible with the texture of Cane Chair.