Barrel Chairs

Barrel Chairs

Barrel Chairs are among the saviour furniture of living spaces. Bringing a dynamic look to the modern and minimal decoration trend, the product models draw attention with their comfort. The rounded back design is among the most characteristic features of the model. Barrel Chair models, which have a wide usage area, also have design features that can be updated according to the wishes and needs of the users. It is preferred to be used as a make-up chair in bedrooms, a comfortable dining chair in kitchens, and a pleasure chair in living rooms. In addition to living spaces, Barrel Chair models are among the extremely useful custom furniture for different commercial enterprises such as hotels, restaurants, cafes, bars, nightclubs, offices, plazas, hospitals and clinics.

Metal designs in round-back chair models combine with geometric, iconic and plain details to mediate an aesthetic and modern look in interiors. Classic, straight and sophisticated models come to the fore in wooden designs. Upholstered models are only suitable for indoor use.

Changing the Atmosphere with Small Touches

Custom produced Barrel Chairs allow designs to be produced specifically for your taste and space, whether for living spaces or commercial businesses. A wide range of fabric alternatives such as suede, velvet, acrylic, linen, cotton and leather are offered for the upholstery. Users can also choose the colors and patterns. They can be used for a long time thanks to their durability, and they also contribute to your budget thanks to their long service life. Products that can be used indoors can maintain their durability even in places with intensive human traffic. In addition to durability and elegance, it also offers practical use thanks to its easy stacking.

Thanks to their quality and ease of use, Barrel Chair collection products, which have been used for many years, can be personalised in a way that reflects the spirit of your home and company. The designs, which fully comply with the concept of the space with special details such as the company logo, also raise the brand perception of commercial enterprises to the highest level. Please contact us to get detailed information about the Barrel Chairs and to have a closer look at the product details.