Custom Furniture

Custom Furniture

Custom Furniture collection consists of special products that can be personalised during the production phase and are completely designed according to the taste of the user. The dimensions, styles and ergonomics of Custom Chair models differ in each model. Custom Furniture can be used for different purposes in the living room, hall, kitchen and bedroom areas. In addition, you can benefit from Custom Furniture  in many commercial areas such as hotels, restaurants, cafes, plazas, offices, art galleries, shopping malls. Emphasising a different emotion in each design, the models in this collection reinforce elegance.

Custom Furniture, which is at the forefront with its comfort as well as its stylish designs, gains a completely different appearance in line with the preferences and needs of the users. The product collection includes chair, armchair and bench type products. Fabric or leather can be used in products that can be ordered with or without cushions, and the color, pattern and type of the material used can be selected by the user. Cushion models with high-density foam provide maximum comfort as well as long-lasting use.

Custom Furniture Complementing Decorations 

Custom Furniture can be designed as metal, wooden, braided, woven rope, polycarbonate, cast or upholstered. Upholstered products are recommended for interior spaces, while chairs made of other materials can be used both indoors and outdoors without any problems. Metal custom chair models can be static painted in the desired color. Matte and shiny textures can also be selected. On custom bar stools and chairs, a selection is made among the colors  in the color chart. Custom logo production is also offered as an option for commercial enterprises.

Chairs can be used for a long time thanks to their durability and contribute to your budget economically. The products, which can be used indoors and outdoors, can maintain their durability even in places with intensive human traffic and are produced from materials that will not be damaged in harsh weather conditions. In addition to its durability and elegance, it also offers practical use thanks to its easily stackable feature. You can make a difference in spaces with the Custom Furniture collection, where you can completely determine the design features, and you can create an order with advantageous options.