Custom Chairs

Custom Chairs

Custom Chair models are furniture designed according to the wishes and expectations of the users. You can customise the design of the chair according to your modern, classic, vintage, country or rustic decoration style and make the products compatible with your space. Each design is personal in the Custom Chairs collection. With design sizes varying in each model, the collection products also offer rational options for each square metre.

Design features supporting ergonomics offer maximum comfort for users. You can use the Custom Chairs with a wide usage area for every place from living spaces to commercial enterprises such as hotels, cafes, restaurants, coffee shops, shopping malls.

Depending on the design features, you can choose to use the products indoors or outdoors with pleasure. The designs of the products that support the spine guarantee a comfortable long-term sitting experience. In addition, thanks to its quality production materials, it provides long years of use in areas with intensive human traffic. Furniture suitable for outdoor does not get affected by rain, snow, heat, light and does not deform. You can use the products designed for outdoor use in open areas without changing their location throughout the year.

Custom Chair Designed with Different Materials

Custom Chairs are designed as metal, plastic, wood, mesh, polycarbonate, cast or upholstered. Upholstered products are recommended for interior spaces, while chairs made of other materials can be used both indoors and outdoors without any problems. You can choose from the colors in the color chart for the metal products and thus the design can be customised. Fabric or leather can be used for the upholstered models and the color, pattern and type of material can be selected by the user. The color selection of plastic, polycarcarbonate and cast chairs can also be made by the user.

There are eye-catching product options in the collection, which includes custom produced chairs. The collection, which has chair models with styles and colors suitable for every decoration style, easily adapts to the existing atmosphere of your business or living space and adds a different atmosphere to the environment. You can choose the most functional and stylish product for your home or commercial enterprise from the Custom Chairs collection with unlimited product options, and you can contact us to customise the design. Last but not least, stylish combinations can be created together with custom dining tables, custom sofas and other custom furniture models.