Custom Bar Stools

Custom Bar Stools

While choosing a product to decorate a space, you may want to change some of its features. Since various combinations can be made in creative architectural decorations, you may not always be able to reach the model in your mind. Custom Bar Stools allow you to find and create the design you are looking for.

The models, which are mostly made of materials such as wood and metal, with or without upholstery, have stylish forms that adapt to different styles. There are designs with extra functions such as back and arm supports, footrest area and rotating features. The designs that allow you to change many elements from the upholstery to body, from color to texture, are very advantageous in terms of decoration in enterprises in the food and beverage sector such as hotels, restaurants, cafes, and coffee shops.

Advantages of Custom Bar Stools

When decorating a home, garden, office or a commercial enterprise, Custom Bar Stools  are often preferred as they offer the desired features. Stools made of different materials adapt to many different styles, from modern and contemporary to vintage.

You can change the usage area by making some changes according to your taste on a product that you like. For example, you can transform a model that is normally designed for indoor use into weatherproof by choosing waterproof leather upholstery and cataphoresis coating options.

In order to match the designs with the texture and color of your furniture, you can request a model made of kiln-dried beech wood in walnut and oak colors, or you can choose lacquer paint option. You can choose the amount of shine on the metal designs, and you can achieve a harmonious concept by choosing different options such as brass and bronze.

Features of Custom Bar Stools

You can choose the model you like in desired quantities. You can decide on the amount of products to create a dining table set or a bistro area and create the design according to your taste. You can choose color or lacquer on wooden and metal frames for Custom Bsr Stools. You can change the color or type of the upholstery as you wish.

If you wish, you can choose fabrics with different properties such as leather, artificial leather, suede, cotton, linen and acrylic with UV and water protection. In addition to UV protection and cataphoresis coating for outdoors, you can choose durable models by choosing static paint. In quilted models, the color of wedges is also among the elements that can be changed according to preference. Last but not least, stylish combinations can be created together with custom dining tables, custom sofas and other custom furniture models.