Wooden Dining Chair Models

Wooden Dining Chairs are for those who prefer furniture made of natural material. It is possible to achieve the desired decoration style thanks to the wooden dining chair models designed for impressive decorations and comfortable use. The most suitable selection can be made among the models that adapt to different furniture styles. The collection, which includes chairs in different styles; such as contemporary, country, Scandinavian, vintage, classic; is custom produced in high quantities specially for the project. You can choose from varnish alternatives for the wood color. Fabric or leather can be used for the seat and back. There are many chart options for all these choices. All details of the products can be determined by architects and business owners. Information can be obtained for the possibility of producing a chair model that does not exist in the product collection if there is a visual or drawing. Tables category can be viewed for the dining table models to be used with the wooden dining chair.

Wooden dining chair can be selected depending on the decoration. The chairs produced for enterprises such as hotel dining areas, restaurant, cafeteria, lunchroom and coffee shops have a strong body structure suitable for the use of thousands of people throughout the year. Thanks to the quality materials and professional production techniques, it can be used for many years without problems.

Cooperating with enterprises in many countries throughout the world, Neo Horeca has been offering services for many years by providing appropriate suggestions, producing high volume orders, quality control, packaging and shipping solutions . Please contact our team who are experts in the design and production of hotel, cafe and restaurant furniture.