NEO-300262E Wooden Cane Dining Chair

NEO-300262E Wooden Cane Dining Chair

NEO-300262E Wooden Cane Dining Chair

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You can use the Wooden Cane Dining Chair in café, coffee shop, food court and if you wish you can use it in the decoration of your hotel.


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Wooden Cane Dining Chair

The romantic Wooden Cane Dining Chair offers a wide range of use with its modern design. You can use this product which is compatible in decoration of stylish restaurant you can also use it crowded places such as hotel, social facility and shopping mall. Thanks to the little space it occupies, it provides advantage in crowded places.

The body of the product which stands on durable wooden legs, is manufactured with wooden material. The hazeran application in the back part adds a romantic atmosphere to the design. As it is a armless model, offers a large and free sitting area.

There are different options for those who want to make the design more personal. If you wish, You can choose a different color or pattern for the fabric upholstery of the sitting part. You can also use leather for the upholstery.

You can contact us to get more information about the Wooden Cane Dining Chair model, discuss your design ideas and order the product by taking advantage of best prices.


  • Produced upon order.
  • Used material: the body part is wooden. The seat part is upholstered. The back part is wooden cane.
  • You can use fabric or leather for the upholstery. Color and pattern selection can be made. It can be produced as quilted.
  • The wooden body and hazeran color can be selected by the user.
  • Small changes can be made on the product in high quantity orders. Please contact for more information.
  • Usage area: It is preferred in the decoration of companies in the food & beverage sectors such as café, coffee shop, restaurant, hotel, food court, social facitlity and shopping mall.
  • Please contact us to order the Wooden Cane Dining Chair at an economical price.

Please contact us for order and for more information about the production stages, technical information, delivery time, production with logo, modification options and price information.