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Wire Chairs

Wire Chairs

Wire Chair; which combines contemporary decoration elements together with the industrial style; has found its place as a complement to different styles for many years and stands out with its functionality. It is produced by using different metals such as aluminum, brass, copper and iron in the details of the chairs or as a whole.

Cataphoresis coating can be applied to prevent the effects of rain and sun during outdoor use. The stylish models, which offer the opportunity to choose from different metal colors, also have a wide variety of forms. There are designs with features that can be preferred as high bar stools, waiting chairs or dining table chairs. They can be painted in accordance with the concept of the space and with cushions to support the seat and back. It offers comfortable seating, durable and long-lasting use.

Wire Chair Models Compatible with Every Style

Although Wire Chairs are often used in industrial style, they are also used as a blending element in many different interior decorations. With different textures such as wood, textile and rope, Wire Chairs are used to create a balanced and cosy atmosphere in spaces. The bent and twisted wires are securely mounted by welding. There are various leg designs with different alternatives such as wire and wood. Stylish-looking chair legs, grouped as double and single, reflect different design options. Bar-style models may have footrests.

Wrought iron designs add a modern and contemporary touch to the chairs, making them the ideal choice for stylish spaces. You can choose among round and sharp-edged designs or ones as a single piece with armrests or even without armrests. You can create a dining table set with stylish chairs according to the size of the area to be used.

Wire Chair Prices According to Your Budget

Wire Chairs, which are produced in different colors and forms with designs that adapt to every style, are budget friendly. When using your favourite model outdoors, you can choose water-resistant leather and for indoor use you can prefer fabric cushions.

Prices shaped according to different factors such as the model features, material types, use of static paint and cataphoresis coating and extra cushions are advantageous for users.

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