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Industrial Chairs

Industrial Chairs

Although industrial-style chairs are one of the oldest designs in the decoration, they are among the products that have become increasingly popular in recent years. These models are often seen in the decorations of social places such as coffee shops and cafes. The chairs, which are very suitable for restaurants, steak houses and fast food restaurants, are mostly produced with metal materials. In addition, there are rich designs in which wood and upholstery are intertwined with metal. Products that can be easily stacked on top of each other when not in use create an extra space for enterprises and offer convenience.

Industrial products using all-metal materials on the leg and body, attract attention thanks to their slim and elegant structure. Designs that offer a grid and basket appearance on the back are well-loved by new generation enterprises due to their dynamic style. Since they are highly resistant to natural factors such as the sun, rain and snow; they can easily be used outdoors. Designs with grid or basket details, especially in the seating area, are preferred because they do not accumulate rain water. Metal chairs that catch the perfect harmony with vivid tones are offered in a wide range of colors. When you decide to change the general look of your place, you can repaint the very long-lasting industrial chairs and get a brand new design. You can also order a cushion for your chair.

The industrial chair designs that are intertwined with wood, metal and upholstery create a rich image. Compared to upholstered classic chairs, the cushions of these models offer a thinner appearance. Cushions are made with polyester and acrylic fabrics. Acrylic prevents the cushions from absorbing water thanks to its waterproof structure. In this way, acrylic upholstery models are easily used outdoors.

If you would like to make minor changes on the industrial chair designs; you can change the color of the metal leg and body, and if you wish, you can also have bronze or brass coating. There are also different polish options for designs using wood. Please contact us to create an order or to share your thoughts regarding the designs.

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