NEO-200040E Perforated Plastic Garden Chair

NEO-200040E Perforated Plastic Garden Chair

NEO-200040E Perforated Plastic Garden Chair

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It is produced with aluminium and polypropylene material, is the right choice with its long life structure and economic prices.



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Its arms and legs are produced with aluminium material. In this way, it is both light and resistant to rusting. It has an eye-catching design for both indoors and outdoors. It is a long-lasting and economical choice for enterprises such as canteen, cafeteria, food court and fast food restaurants. It is produced in three different colors in order to make it easier to adapt to the venue. Thanks to its feature far from color fading, it maintains its first appearance for many years. Non-slip plastic stoppers under the legs ensure a safe use. It saves space when not in use thanks to its stackability. It is produced in highest standards that you can feel the quality in all details. It offers comfort, safe use and durability both for your enterprise and your guests. Please call for wholesale prices and other details.

Dimensions in cm and weight in kg
Seat Height:45
Unit Weight:3,300
Information on packaging units
Pcs in Carton Box:24
Package Weight (kg):84
Package dimensions in cm and volume
m3 1,267
Logistics information
20 DC Cntr:576
40 HC Cntr:1200
82 Cbm Truck:1344