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Outdoor Bar Table

Outdoor Bar Table

Outdoor Bar Tables; which are ideal for enterprises with open spaces such as restaurants, cafes, hotels, nightclubs, bars; defy years thanks to their durable structure. The designs in square and circular forms provide dynamic mobility in spaces with their ideal dimensions. If you wish, you can use the standard and minimal design products in the outdoor areas of living spaces such as gardens, balconies and terraces.

Attracting attention with their modern and simple design, Outdoor Bar Tables also create integrity with every decoration style. Standing out with its functional features as well as its design, Outdoor Bar Table models offer design options that reflect every taste thanks to their varying leg structures.

Compact, iroko and aluminum table tops can also be used with Outdoor Bar Tables that are made of plastic. Thus, it provides both an aesthetic appearance and durability against external environmental conditions. The custom designs offer ease at transportation and storage thanks to their demountable structure.

Eye-catching Outdoor Bar Table Models

Wicker-look material produced from polypropylene is also used in the leg designs of the Outdoor Bar Tables. Since the legs of the bar tables can be sold separately, the products can be completely personalised according to your wish and style. The robust ergonomic system that supports the stylish design can be used in areas with intensive human traffic without being deformed. You can also make the bar tables company-specific by adding details such as company logo. The products, which provide practical use with their light design features, do not create balance problems and ensure safe use, since the weight of the products are on the base.

There are different color options; such as white, grey and brown; which appeal to every decoration style. The models, which are ideal both for indoor and outdoor use, also create a perfect harmony with outdoor bar stool models with the same design. If you would like to host your guests in a way that suits your business and if you are looking for an aesthetic, stylish and comfortable product that appeals to the eye, the Outdoor Bar Table collection with a wide product range is for you!


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