Cafe Furniture

The café furniture’s with its different and comfortable designs adapts to your decoration regardless of whatever is your decoration taste. The furniture are offered in different material and color options. A large number of table types are also produced where chairs and bar chairs produced with different materials such as polycarbonate, plastic, wood or metal can be used together. You can evaluate solid wood table, veneer table, plastic table, marble table, cast table, HPL table models and create the most suitable dining set for your decoration. You can complete the outdoor decoration in order to host your guests in a stylish and comfortable environment with café umbrella models. It is also necessary to take a look at the garbage bin alternatives which is required for businesses.
The product groups that stand out in the cafe furniture category are chairs and seating groups. There are dozens of models produced with different materials to be created for dining and chat areas. Nowadays, where decoration is as important as the menu, materials such as wood, metal, plastic, polycarbonate, aluminum casting are used for the production of chair and seat models that appeal to the eye. We recommend you to evaluate the woven and upholstered chair model for your indoor decorations. Whether you can use the product it in indoor and outdoor of the places such as cafés, bars, restaurant, or at home, in your dining room or kitchen it makes beautiful the place where it will be used.
If you want to create a pleasant chatting area for your guests in the garden, patio, and terrace areas, the seating groups of are the right choice for you. Seating group models suitable for your taste are offered with options such as metal, plastic and wood. Since the wooden and metal seating groups are custom made productions, you can choose colors and sizes according to your preferences. In the same way, corner sofa sets that double the comfort are among the options that you can think of for both indoor and outdoor spaces with their durable structures.
While evaluating the dining tables and bar table models, we would like to remind you that many of them are custom-made and are put into production after the color and size selections are made. You can get information about the changes that can be made on the tables produced with glass, solid wood, veneer, HPL (High Pressure Laminates), and marble materials. The plastic, aluminum cast tables are produced with certain molds and specific dimensions, however you can choose the color from a large number of color alternatives which is available for both. You can find the most suitable solution with dining tables and bar tables that you can order in square, rectangular, circular or different shapes. Tables and chairs produced with many different materials and models which provides the most suitable solution for your needs.
If there is an area where events such as weddings, special invitations or conferences are held in your space, you may pay attention to the elegance of the furniture in here. Very stylish chair groups with soft upholstery options in different colors and materials provide an eye-catching harmony with tables of different styles.
Umbrellas, which are indispensable for creating shadow and cool areas in hot summer months, are offered in different models, sizes and colors. Garden umbrellas are produced as square, round and rectangular and provide the most suitable solution for the area to be used. 100% root dyed acrylic fabrics used in umbrellas are not affected by the sun's rays and do not fade for many years. Color selection can be made for the aluminum body. Neo Horeca, where you can buy all the furniture required for cafe businesses, is the common address of happy customers with maximum work it offers as a standard in design, production, shipment and after-sales service stages. You can contact us for detailed information and wholesale price information for all the furniture that your business needs.