Wooden Bar Tables

Wooden Bar Tables

Wooden Bar Tables are among the furniture suitable for use in many areas such as hotel, bars, cafes, coffee shops, restaurants and shopping malls. You can change the sizes and colors of the models, or you can prefer different materials for the table legs such as chrome, brass, bronze-plate.

You can create an order in the size suitable with the size and seating arrangement of your space and create the right combinations in accordance with your decoration style by changing almost all of the materials used. If you would prefer using your bar table as a wooden outdoor furniture, you can customise the product suitable to open areas; such as gardens and terraces; with small changes in the materials chosen. Also, wooden bar stools category can be viewed to create stylish combinations.

Table tops are produced with first class kiln-dried beech wood in desired dimensions. You can create a good harmony with the colors you choose for the tables to complement the general decoration of your space.

You can choose sizes out of standard for small areas or you can order larger table tops for larger spaces. In addition to alternative color and materials; it is also possible to achieve integrity by using modern or classic looking legs according to the decoration style of your space.

Massive tables with solid and stable legs are very useful both visually and functionally. They can be produced using natural colored varnishes or they can be painted in walnut and oak colors. You can choose the wooden bar tables among the standard models, or you can custom design them according to your needs. If you would like to learn more about the models, colors, materials, coatings or dimensions, please contact us to get help from our expert teams.