NEO-800106E Banquet Hall Chair


NEO-800106E Banquet Hall Chair

The chair will complement stylish decorations such as wedding halls. It is the choice of enterprises that want to entertain their guests in a stylish and comfortable lounge. It is stackable. Color can be selected. It is easy to carry because of its light weight.


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Banquet Hall Chair

  • The body of the hilton chair, which provides comfortable use for many years, is produced with light and durable aluminum profile. The profile size is 25mm x 25mm x 2mm. Color can be selected for the body of the chair according to preference and decoration. All colors on the ral chart can be applied. It is ideal for enterprises that want to offer their guests elegant decorations in wedding halls and hotels.
  • High density polyurethane foam with antiperspirant air ducts provides comfort for long term use. 28dns foam is used at the back. The foam does not deform due to the use of large groups of people. There is OSB under the foam which is a wooden material on the seat. OSB is highly resistant to moisture and impacts.
  • The color and pattern of the fabric used in the upholstery can be selected by user. Depending on the project, the fabric sent by the enterprise can be used for the upholstery.
  • The chairs are stackable. It provides convenience at times of transporting, storing or cleaning the area. There are plastic wedges on the inward part of the chair legs so that the chair legs do not touch and scratch each other. It is stackable up to 8 pieces.
  • Produced with hard plastic material, the plastic plugs under the chair are very durable. It is fixed to the aluminum profile so that it does not come off.
  • Being lightweight, it provides ease of use both for enterprises and guests.

The aluminum banquet chair, with its robust body structure, elegant appearance and comfortable seating, is often preferred. It is one of the ideal choices for the decorations of the wedding halls. It has color alternatives to adapt to its location. Please contact  for detailed information about the product and the wholesale prices.