Banquet Chairs

Banquet Chairs

Banquet chair designs offer practical use and also make an impression with their elegance. It is used in crowded organisations in hotels, public institutions and companies. It is frequently preferred for decorations of wedding halls, ballrooms, conference halls, meeting halls and seminar halls. It can also be preferred corporate companies, especially to make a complete change in the style of meeting rooms. It is possible to find numerous types of models that fit well with the interior.

The wide leg designs create a dynamic style. A choice can be made between designs with and without armrests. Upholstery is also applied to the arms of the models with armrests in order to achieve a difference in both appearance and comfort. You can find options among matte as well as vibrant colors and you can also choose a patterned model if you wish.

The bodies of the Banquet Chairs are made of aluminum profile. In this way, you can paint your chair in any color to achieve a harmony with the general style of the space. You can easily find the most suitable color in the ral chart, which offers a wide range of colors, for you and your place.

The biggest advantage of banquet chairs is their perfect comfort. Thanks to the polyurethane foam used at the seat and back, you can make your guests feel comfortable for long periods. This foam structure prevents sweating as it provides air permeability and is a good alternative especially on hot summer days. If you wish, you can determine the color of the fabric yourself for the upholstery and have a completely special design.

Banquet chairs can be easily stacked on top of each other when not in use to create extra space in the room. It can be easily transported since it is light. Plastic wedges placed in the inner areas of the chairs prevent products from scratching during the stacking process. All banquet chairs are a candidate to inspire you in your cafe decorations. Banquet tables category can be viewed in accordance with the layout of the room and the most suitable table can be selected. Also banquet furniture category can be viewed for complementary products.