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Café Decoration

Café Decoration

The furniture you can use in the indoor and outdoor of the cafe businesses are offered with a lot of model alternatives. You can easily access to many designs you will need such as chairs, tables, umbrellas, sofas and seating groups. You can change the color and material of the products in order to match the corporate identity of your business, you can also apply your logo on the product in order to get completely a customized design.

The chairs and bar stools which are used in café decorations are produced with metal, cast, plastic, wood and polycarbonate materials. The woven and upholstered chairs are also among the options. There are many alternatives for the upholstery of the chairs such as leather, suede, nubuck, cotton and velvet. You can also apply the logo of your company on the upholstered area. There are many color options for the wooden and metal legs of the upholstered chairs. The chairs which are suitable for outdoor use such as gardens, patios and balconies, on the other hand it can be easily stocked thanks to their stackable feature which allows you to save space. Metal chairs that add an industrial atmosphere, can be painted as glossy or matte. The glossy metal chairs are a candidate to add an elegant glow to dimly lit spaces. You can easily find the most suitable model for your business by evaluating the chair design.

There are many options such as glass table, solid wood table, marble table, cast table, plastic table, hpl table, werzalit table, veneer table that are compatible with social venues such as cafes. Wooden models are made of durable woods such as walnut, oak and beech, supported by cast or metal legs. There are numerous options for the leg designs of wooden tables that are compatible with indoor spaces. You can also change the color of table and legs. Marble tables impress with their natural patterns and can be easily used in outdoors thanks to their cast legs. HPL tables stand out with their durability and stylish appearance. HPl tables, which are compatible with indoor and outdoor spaces, are selected among solid colors and different patterns. If you are looking for a table for a small space, you can choose glass models and get an extra spacious look. If you want to create large resting areas in cafe establishments, you can also evaluate the sofas and sitting groups, and you can freely choose between metal, plastic, wooden and upholstered models.

It is also possible to have umbrella models that will enable you to actively use the outdoor areas of cafe businesses on rainy and sunny days. Side pole, LED light or retractable umbrellas make outdoor spaces extra comfortable. Umbrellas produced with aluminum material can be opened and closed practically with a remote control. It is very easy to choose the most suitable models for your business among the numerous options offered for cafe decoration. You can contact us to share your design ideas.

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