NEO-750024E Woven Rope Chair Indoor Outdoor Contract


NEO-750024E Woven Rope Chair Indoor Outdoor Contract

The woven rope chair in the garden furniture category is also used in the interior thanks to its stylish appearance. It is advantageous both for the guests and enterprises with its comfortable seating, lightness, solid structure, aesthetic appearance. Color can be selected.


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Woven Rope Chair Indoor Outdoor Contract

  • The product in the category of garden furniture, which is suitable for the use of commercial enterprises, has features that will contribute to the decoration. Woven rope and cushion make the metal chair look cosier. Thanks to the quality materials and correct production techniques, long-term use is provided in cafes, restaurants, hotels, holiday villages, and coffee shops that have thousands of visitors. It is among the user-friendly products thanks to its ergonomics, light weight and resistance to external weather conditions. Colors for the body, woven rope and cushion can be determined by architects and business owners. Table designs in the tables category can be viewed to create a stylish dining group with a cubical look.
  • It is resistant to water in areas such as garden, patio, terrace, balcony thanks to the aluminum body. Corrosion is not experienced even by the seaside or poolside. It is lighter than metal profile. The aluminum body can be painted in all colors on the ral chart. These colors can be applied as matte, shiny or texture depending on user.
  • All details can be determined by user for comfortable cushion and back pad. The cushion is 5cm thick and has a zipper. The cushion can be sewn with or without wick depending on preference. The back pad has fiber. Color and pattern selection can be made from a large number of color charts with all types of fabric and leather. Acrylic, polyester, velvet, linen, coton, chenille, faux leather, suede, nubuck options are available. The product can be selected for indoor and outdoor use. The zippered covers provide convenience during cleaning. In addition, these parts can be produced as quilted. Please ask for information.
  • The other piece that color can be selected is the rope. Different types of threads are used according to indoor and outdoor use. Please ask for information.
  • Today, garden furniture is also used in interior decorations thanks to the stylish designs. Offering more comfort, these products are ideal for long dining and chatting times. The other important features are the durable and maintenance-free structure of the product. Woven rope chair which is compatible with many tables; can be used with veneer, massive wood, laminated mdf, marble, hpl, printed tables. Please contact for detailed information and wholesale prices of the woven rope chair.



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