NEO-750021E Woven Sofa For Cafe Restaurant


NEO-750021E Woven Sofa For Cafe Restaurant

It is a comfortable and stylish sofa preferred for outdoor decoration of crowded enterprises such as cafe, restaurant, hotel, patisserie. The rope woven sofa has color alternatives. Being lightweight, it provides ease of use.


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Woven Sofa For Cafe Restaurant

  • A pleasant environment can be created for the guests with the woven sofa thanks to its stylish appearance and a comfortable seating. The legs of the retro style sofa are conical. It can be used in many places, indoors and outdoors. It is suitable for sofa, cafe, restaurant, hotel, coffee shop, bar use in contract furniture group. It can be used next to a dining table with the woven chair produced in the same model or it can be decorated as a seating group in areas such as balcony, patio, terrace. It is also the right choice for waiting room, lobby and hotel balconies. You can choose from dozens of designs in the tables category, to create an eye-catching dining group.
  • The main material of the chair body is aluminum pipe. Aluminum material makes the product light and durable. It can be used safely outdoors because it is resistant to weather conditions. Body color can be painted in any color as shiny, matte or texture. It is static painted.
  • The cushion and back pad used in the product are zippered. The cover can be removed at any time for cleaning. There are fabric and leather alternatives in different types, patterns and colors. UV resistant, water resistant leather or fabrics can be selected for outdoor use. Upon request, corporate logo can also be applied on the cushion. Alternatively, the cushion and back pad can be produced as quilted.
  • The rope weave applied on the body is quite durable. Color can be selected for woven rope. Different types of ropes can be used depending on where the product will be used, i.e. indoors and outdoors. The ropes suitable for outdoor use are UV added and have color fastness property.
  • The rope woven sofa is also produced as a rope woven chair. A small sitting group can be created by using both products together. It can also be used together around a rectangular table.
  • The sofa suits with many table designs. It can be combined with veneer, massive wood, laminated mdf, marble, hpl, printed tables. It is an important advantage that all details in weave, body and cushion production are determined by the architect or business owner. The sofa, which maintains its new look for years, does not require maintenance. Please contact for detailed information and wholesale prices of woven sofa.