NEO-750018E Woven Bistro Chair Aluminum


NEO-750018E Woven Bistro Chair Aluminum

It is a lightweight, durable and stylish product, ideal for use in cafe, pub, hotel, coffee shops. It can be used indoors and outdoors. The color of both the aluminum body and rope can be selected by user.


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Woven Bistro Chair Aluminum

  • Aesthetic and comfortable bar chair is the ideal choice for the decoration of enterprises visited by those who want to spend pleasant times. Its lightness provides ease of use both for the guests and enterprises. Since it is extremely durable, it is not deformed due to the use of thousands of people in places such as hotels, cafes, pubs, coffee shops, restaurants, food courts. It can also be used around the kitchen island. It does not require maintenance. Thanks to the rich color options compatible furniture can be seen when looking at the whole of the decoration.
  • Aluminum material is used in the production of woven bistro chair. It is produced to be both light and durable. The product is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It is not affected by water and does not rust. The color chosen for the aluminum body is  static painted.
  • The rope weaved on the back of the chair has color alternatives. You can choose from the ropes in different shapes and colors. If the bar chair is to be used outdoors, it can be knitted with UV-added rope with color fastness feature. In addition, for the cushion in the seat, color and pattern can be selected from different types of leather and fabric alternatives. The zippered cushion allows the cover to be removed and washed. Please ask for washing instructions.
  • The seat height of the bar chair is 75cm as standard. It can be produced in different sizes according to demand. Also, this design can be ordered at the height of a dining chair.
  • The hand-woven chair is produced to be both stylish and durable for many years with quality workmanship and materials. After the color and size selections, a unique product is obtained specific to decoration. Please contact for detailed information and wholesale prices of the bar chair.


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