Metal Bar Chairs Bar Stools

Metal Bar Chairs Bar Stools

Analysing the history of bar stool designs, one of the first materials used to coincide with wood is metal. The production continues to a high degree as the desired shape can be given to the metal and the design can be created. Apart from models that require mold such as cast iron bar stool, cast aluminum bar stool; models with metal bar stool, wrought iron bar stool, aluminum bar stool, stainless steel profile can be custom produced in desired quantities.

Bar chairs are preferred because they have durable structures and can be used for many years especially in crowded enterprises. Other important advantages are that the metal body does not require maintenance and can be repainted at any time. It is frequently preferred for restaurant, cafe, hotel, coffee shop and fast food restaurant decorations.

Metal Bar Chairs Bar Stools are produced as upholstered or cushioned. Color and pattern selection can be made from leather or fabric charts. For the cushions of outdoor bar chairs, acrylic fabric is recommended. Acrylic fabrics do not fade or absorb water on them. Some models also have solid wood on the seat.

Today, bar stools for restaurants are designed and produced in almost any style. There are many models that can be decorated together with modern, contemporary, loft, rustic, country, industrial, classic, retro furniture. In addition, depending on the place to be decorated, color selection can be made from the ral chart for the metal body. It can be painted as matte, shiny, texture. If the product will be used outdoors, cataphoresis coating is applied before painting. In addition, distressed, chrome, brass, copper, and gold coating can be applied.

The standard seat height of the bar chairs is 75cm. Apart from cast bar stool models, the seat height of the metal bar chairs can be determined according to the bar table or bar counter to be used together. Please contact for more information about the Metal Bar Chairs Bar Stools.