NEO-750004E Aluminum Mesh Fabric Outdoor Patio Loveseat Bench


NEO-750004E Aluminum Mesh Fabric Outdoor Patio Loveseat Bench



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Aluminum Mesh Fabric Outdoor Patio Loveseat Bench

  • Aluminum bench provides a pleasant use on the long side of rectangular dining tables. In addition, a small seating group can be created outdoors. It can be combined with sling garden chairs in garden, patio, terrace areas and it can also be used as a lawn bench on the walkway. It is resistant to intensive use in crowded places.
  • The bench made of aluminum has all weather feature. It can be painted as matte or shiny with the color chosen by user.
  • UV added Serge Ferrari mesh fabric is used and it does not fade under the sun. It dries in minutes when it gets wet. It can be ordered with or without cushion.
  • Its light weight provides ease of use.
  • The iroko wood on its arms is resistant to weather conditions.
  • It is easy to clean and hygienic.
  • It can be preferred in hotel, shopping mall, cafe, restaurant, food court, residential site, holiday village projects and can be used for many years without any problems. Please contact us for detailed information and wholesale prices of the aluminum loveseat bench.