Sling Chairs Models

Sling chairs, which are one of the favourite choices in terms of both appearance and comfort in outdoor areas such as garden, patio, terrace, have many advantageous features. Sling chairs, which is designed as a garden chair, is also used indoors by many enterprises. It is ideal for long chat times, as it has the size of a chair but the comfort of a garden sofa. It can be used with or without cushions. Fabric or leather can be selected for the cushions.


Sling chairs, which has air permeability, does not cause sweat. When wet, water does not accumulate and it dries in a short time. Serge Ferrari brand mesh fabric is used in sling chairs. The durable fabric does not fade due to sunlight. Color can be selected for the fabric parts. The body of the chair is aluminum. Lightweight chairs can be easily carried. It is not affected by water and it can be used safely in poolside and seaside areas. In addition, the aluminum body can be painted in desired color. The fact that both the fabric and the body color selection made by user, makes it easier for the product to adapt to the decoration. Dozens of different designs in the tables category can be viewed to be used together.


Sling chairs are also produced in the same model as a sling bench. A small sitting group can be created with these two products. The outdoor bench can be used as a table bench together with a rectangular dining table. Chairs and benches are preferred for hotel, cafe, restaurant, coffee shop, food court decorations due to their comfortable structure, durability and economic price. It preserves its durability for many years in these enterprises where human traffic is intense. It is ideal for home decorations as well as commercial use. Please contact for detailed information about the sling chairs and sling benches and for the wholesale prices.