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Garden Sofa

Garden Sofa

Garden sofas, one of the most special pieces of garden decorations, are designed for enterprises in the horeca sector such as hotels, restaurants, cafes, fast food restaurants, coffee shops, and steak houses. It is also ideal for home decorations. The products, which are produced suitable with outdoor conditions to the finest detail, allow you to create an aesthetic, exclusive and luxurious decoration for your enterprise. You can view the garden sofa category, which includes sofas that you can buy as a set or as one piece, to decorate your interior and exterior spaces as desired. You can use the products which are suitable for use in areas such as balconies, terraces and lobbies for many years.

The products that are produced from colors frequently preferred according to decoration trends of recent years maintain their durability in all outdoor spaces and offer the opportunity to increase the quality and elegance of your enterprise. Cushions produced with fabrics using tones such as grey, ecru, anthracite; add an aesthetic atmosphere to living spaces and are not affected by outdoor conditions. The products with innovative lines in harmony with contemporary furniture concept offer comfort and aesthetics together by using different materials such as wood, metal, plastic and mesh in the legs and body parts. In addition to its use in hotels, the products are suitable for use in all enterprises serving food and beverage; such as coffee shops, steak houses, fast food restaurants, cafe and restaurants.

Among the products, it is possible to find ones suitable both for indoor and outdoor use. The products with various color and material alternatives provide comfort, while adding value to its space with an aesthetic appearance. High density foam is used in the production of the cushions to provide full comfort. This eliminates the need for frequent furniture changes in your enterprise. You can evaluate the color and model options you like, and proceed with the order of the sofas that best suit the decoration and style of your enterprise. You can choose the products for use in the garden areas of your enterprise; or in areas such as garden, patio, terrace, balcony of your home decorations.

You can view the garden sofas produced by Neo Horeca with high quality standards. Please ask for information about the wholesale prices of the garden sofas that are suitable with the style of your garden.

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