Outdoor Bench

Outdoor Bench

Outdoor Bench models, which provide functional design advantages in the common areas such as gardens, terraces, schools, parks, cafes and housing estates, impress with their quality. The designs that differ in style; are produced in standard bench sizes. Models designed from metal and wooden materials are not adversely affected by external environmental conditions and are not deformed. Lacquer painted first-class kiln-dried beech wood is used in the wooden bench models. Thus, the models maximise quality both in terms of aesthetics and ergonomics.

The leg designs of Outdoor Bench models are produced as cast aluminum or cast iron. Models that are customised according to the preferences of the users can also be shipped as disassembled. The bodies of wooden bench models are offered with a rich color range. Designs with modern and classic styles are blended together in some models, turning them into a product that appeals to all tastes. Designed both with and without armrests, the products offer two different model options. The Outdoor Benches, which stand out with their stylish designs, also manage to get full marks from the users with their comfort.

Functional Outdoor Benches

High-back Outdoor Benches with a classic style are made of aluminum material. Thus, the designs, which are extremely suitable for outdoor use, can also be easily cleaned. Cushion details can be added optionally for benches made of aluminum material. Thus, the design mediates both a more comfortable and more aesthetic appearance. As with wooden benches, aluminum benches are also not affected by harsh weather conditions and can be used in places with intensive human traffic.

Outdoor Bench models, which are indispensable for outdoor spaces, are offered with unlimited design alternatives. Design details reflecting every style can be updated according to the preferences of the users and enterprises. Although the Outdoor Bench sizes have different dimensions, they are produced with ideal dimensions that allow three people to sit comfortably. In addition, the custom design products offer the option to add company logo on the products. Color, material and shipment details can be decided during the production phase. Please contact us to have a closer look at the Outdoor Bench models and to share your design ideas.