Garden Bench

Garden Bench

Benches, which are used in commercial and personal garden decorations as well as for public landscape designs, are very functional. The way to make a garden functional for people is through seating areas.

Garden Bench models, which are produced from quality and durable materials, also ensure a comfortable seating experience. Sitting groups can be created with double benches placed opposite to each other. You can also create a viewpoint area by using garden benches nearby the pool. You can choose according to your taste among the outdoor benches with different widths, lengths and heights that allow seating for 2-4 people and you can create an order for the outdoor furniture at affordable prices.

Functional and Stylish Garden Bench Models

Garden bench models with modern and classic designs are mostly produced as cast aluminum thanks to their light structure. Products, including cast iron models, can be one piece or multi-piece. Some designs are made entirely of metal, while others use high-quality raw natural wood in the seating and backrest areas. There are stylish designs that only have cast iron legs and support parts. Products suitable for use in open areas are resistant to sun and rain. It can be used all year long thanks to its materials resistant to cracking and deformation caused by temperature changes between day and night.

Most of the outdoor benches are suitable for use with cushions made of high quality foam. You can choose the color, pattern and fabric type you want. The cushions can be moved indoors when not in use and and it can easily be washed by removing the cover. The benches, which are designed as a single piece are appreciated with their comfortable leaning area. Designs with a multi-piece body or without a back can also be chosen according to need and taste. In addition to concept motifs such as flowers, leaves, and branches; benches with geometric lines such as lines, grids, ovals and rounds allow you to create an elegant decoration by adapting to various styles.

Garden Bench Installation and Cleaning Recommendations

Some products can be sent with their leg and body parts disassembled. You can easily install it yourself using simple tools. The extra wide base of the bench legs for use on the soil prevents burying and keeps the product clean. Garden Benches are made of weather-resistant metal and polished wood and they can easily be cleaned with water.