NEO-750003E Mesh Fabric Garden Chair Stackable


NEO-750003E Mesh Fabric Garden Chair Stackable

Both the body and the fabric have color alternatives. The easy-to-clean, hygienic, robust, stackable comfortable mesh garden chair is the favorite of architects. This design is also produced as a double bench.


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Mesh Fabric Garden Chair Stackable

  • It is one of the models that is in high demand in outdoor dining areas. It can be used with or without cushions. When compared to other mesh fabric garden chair models, the profiles used in the body are wider. This modification is purely for visual purposes and all models are produced to last long. It is used in the decorations of enterprises such as restaurant, cafe, coffee shop, shopping mall and fast food restaurants due to its robust structure and comfortable seating.
  • The body of the chair is made of aluminum. Since it is light, it provides advantage at ties of meal, cleaning and transportation. At the same time, it is an important advantage that it does not rust outdoors due to rain. It can be used safely at seaside, poolside areas.
  • The color of both the metal body and the fabric on the seat can be selected among rich color options. Serge Ferrari brand, UV added mesh fabric is used. It has color fastness feature under the sun. It is an easy-to-clean and highly durable fabric. The wet chair dries within minutes.
  • This chair can be combined with a double bench if desired. It can be stacked which is an important advantage. Please contact for detailed information and wholesale prices of the mesh garden chair.


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