NEO-600103E Cantilever Umbrella Pool Patio Garden Commercial


NEO-600103E Cantilever Umbrella Pool Patio Garden Commercial

The convenient, stylish and robust umbrella is preferred in the gardens of houses or in crowded enterprises such as hotels, cafes, coffee shops. It is produced in different sizes and has color alternatives.


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Cantilever Umbrella Pool Patio Garden Commercial

  • All is made of aluminum material. Body size of umbrella is 84x84mm. Aluminum wall thickness is 3mm. Profile size under fabric is 30mmx20mmx2mm.
  • It is produced with anodized coating. It can be produced as static painted in bulk orders. Color can be selected from the ral chart.
  • Acrylic fabric is used as standard. Fabric color can be selected by user. Acrylic fabrics are UV added and do not fade. Fabric is guaranteed for 5 years. Sunbrella fabric can be used upon request. In addition, the user can specifically request a brand or fabric to be supplied.
  • It can be produced with or without blinds.
  • When used for the decoration of enterprises, logo can be applied in line with the demands of corporate companies.
  • There are gaps that facilitate air evacuation at the top of the umbrella. This provides additional wind resistance.
  • The umbrella body is on the side to provide extra space. The dining table, seating group or deck chair placed under the umbrella looks stylish and is used comfortably since there is no umbrella body in the middle.
  • The umbrella is opened and closed practically with the handle behind it. When closed, the fabric is comes towards the body. It can rotate 360 ​​degrees on its axis.
  • Cantilever Umbrella has a wheeled leg. When the umbrella is not used, it can be taken to the appropriate place thanks to the wheels. Optionally, a fixed leg can be used to mount the umbrella to the floor. In addition, to increase the durability of the umbrella, a wooden pot can optionally be placed on the leg part.

Cantilever Umbrella is preferred in the decoration of crowded enterprises such as  hotel, cafe, coffee shop, fast food restaurant. It is also used in the gardens of houses. It is easy to use, has an aesthetic appearance and robust body structure which makes the product the ideal choice. Square umbrella can be used in the garden, terrace, poolside areas. It blocks both the light and heat in sunny and hot times to a great extent. It is recommended to use the umbrella only in sunny weather. It should be closed in windy weather and when not in use.

Production dimensions of the square umbrella and other technical dimensions are as below. Please contact for detailed information and wholesale prices.