NEO-300465E Barrel Accent Chair For Hotel

NEO-300465E Barrel Accent Chair For Hotel

NEO-300465E Barrel Accent Chair For Hotel

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The Barrel Accent Chair For Hotel is one of the best examples of vintage fashion. The product is designed for indoors, you can use it in hotel loby areas and inside the rooms.


Barrel Accent Chair For Hotel

The Barrel Accent Chair For Hotel is one of the best examples of vintage fashion. You can use this product, which is designed for indoors, in the Hotel lobi and inside the rooms. You can also prefer for your stylish restaurant designs or social space works such as café, coffee shop, and shopping mall.

This product where it is reinterpreted with modern ideas of vintage fashion, stands on durable wooden legs and creates a unique confort space with its deep curvature in the back. You can make some changes on the product in order to create a more personal chair.

If you want to make the product more harmonious with the colors of the place you will use or to create a unity with your company’s corporate identity, you can also take advantage of the different options we offer. İf you wish, you can change the wooden color of the chair, prefer a different pattern or color for fabric upholstery you can also use leather for upholstery. The design of the product is also very suitable for quilting.

Please contact us to get more information about the Barrel Accent Chair For Hotel model, discuss your design ideas and order the product at affordable prices.


  • Produced upon order.
  • Used material: it has wooden leg. The seat and back part is upholstered.
  • Fabric or leather can be used for the upholstery. Color and pattern selection can be made. It can also produce as quilted.
  • Wooden color can be selected by the user.
  • Small changes can be made on the product in high quantity orders. Please contact for more details.
  • Usage area: it is ideal for hotel lobby, hotel room, restaurant, café, caffe shop and shopping mall.
  • Please contact us for the wholesale of hotel furniture.

Please contact us for order and for more information about the production stages, technical information, dilivery time, production with logo, modification options and price information.