NEO-254242E Square Solid Wood Table 60x60cm


NEO-254242E Square Solid Wood Table 60x60cm

60x60cm Square solid wood table is ideal for businesses serving fast food and beverage. Cast iron table leg is statically painted. The table top is made of beech wood. It is used in interior decoration of hotel, cafe, coffee shop, fast food businesses.


Square Solid Wood Table 60x60cm

  • It is the ideal table for indoor decoration of businesses serving food and beverage. It is a solid and decorative option for those who prefer wood for its preference.
  • Beech wood table top is 30mm thick. Natural color polish is done. It can be painted in different colors, for example in walnut or oak tones. Logo can be applied.
  • Casting table leg is ideal for keeping the table in balance. It is produced in black as standard, but different colors can be selected from the ral chart. Under the table leg there are pingos.
  • Pedestal leg provides comfort for people sitting at the table.
  • The table is packaged unassembled which assembly is very practical.
  • Solid tables are often used in interior decoration. Its natural appearance, durable structure, and being able to be painted in the desired color are its important features. The table examined; It is the right choice for hotel, coffee shop, fast food and bakery businesses. It is also ideal for hospitals, clinics, plazas, offices, factories, cafe areas of school buildings. For the selection of chairs, the category of chairs with many options can be examined.

Additional Information;

  • Beech wood table top; It can be produced in square, round, rectangular shapes and different thicknesses. Also according to preference; Different woods such as oak, pine, spruce, iroko, sapelli, walnut can be used as solid wood table tops. For more information, the solid wood table top page can be viewed.
  • A different model can be chosen instead of the cast iron table leg. Table legs category can be examined.
  • Please contact for detailed information and wholesale price with us