Wooden Dining Tables

Wooden Dining Tables

Although Wooden Dining Tables are one of the oldest designs in the decoration world, they have managed to come to these days by being constantly updated. Nowadays, models that look very elegant and dynamic are also produced in addition to old classic wooden tables. There are different designs that will adapt to almost every decoration style. It is possible to easily find a suitable wooden model for you by determining the needs of your space and decoration.

Sometimes wooden tables are combined with wooden veneers, sometimes with metal materials, and sometimes with aluminum or cast iron table legs. You can evaluate different varnish and paint options for wooden areas to optimise the design. There are different color and coating options for metal and cast legs. Wooden dining tables are custom produced with project-specific dimensions. The selected model can be produced as square, round, rectangular or oval. You can also determine the thickness of the wooden table according to your needs and apply a patterned image on the table.

If you are choosing for a corporate company or enterprise, it is possible to make a logo work on the table top. Professional logo application supports corporate identity and creates integrity and  therefore is highly preferred.

Wooden tables offer very ideal options for interiors. If the table is to be used outdoors, information may be requested about the type of the tree that should be used in its production. You can choose wooden tables in your hotel or restaurant or in places such as cafes, coffee shops, bars or shopping malls. Stylish combinations can be created with models from the chairs and armchairs categories to be used together in the same decoration. Please contact us for more information about the production, delivery and design processes of the wooden dining tables.

Pricing of Woden Dining Tables

The prices of Woden dining tables reflect their quality and design complexity. The classic wooden models, with detailed handiwork and premium materials, are typically at the higher end of the price spectrum. These can range significantly based on size and wood type, often seen as investment pieces for their durability and timeless appeal. On the other hand, the contemporary designs, while also made with high-quality materials, are generally more affordably priced. They offer a cost-effective solution for those seeking modern elegance without compromising on quality. Overall, Woden’s pricing strategy aims to cater to a wide range of budgets, ensuring that there’s a table for every home.

Woden Dining Tables Models

Woden dining tables models are known for their exquisite craftsmanship and diverse range of styles, catering to various interior design preferences. Their collection includes classic wooden designs, featuring intricate carvings and the use of premium woods like oak and walnut, perfect for traditional or rustic settings. Additionally, Woden offers contemporary models, characterized by sleek lines and minimalist aesthetics, often incorporating glass or metal elements for a modern touch. These tables vary in size, from compact models suitable for small spaces to large, extendable ones ideal for family gatherings and entertaining.