Cast Iron Table Legs

Cast Iron Table Legs

The table legs are what makes the table look nice and stylish; and they have different forms. Cast iron is often preferred in leg designs as it can be used indoors and outdoors. Cast Iron Table Leg models have both simple and extravagant forms. One piece leg designs, obtained by melting the iron into a mold, have many advantages. Thanks to its durable material, it can be used for many years without any problems.

Products that adapt to different spaces and concepts can be used with tables with shapes such as oval, round, square and rectangular. While choosing, you can consider the fact that the tables from wood, glass, metal or marble effect the way of assembly. You can safely use the legs for dining tables, coffee tables or bar tables in enterprises such as hotels, cafes, restaurants, coffee shops, shopping malls.

Advantages of Cast Iron Table Legs

Items made of cast iron usually have a perfect mold, as they are not made of parts. It is very rich in terms of motifs and decorations thanks to the mold production technique. Cast iron products can also be used outdoors if they are colored with rust-resistant paints.

Since it is a heavy piece of furniture, you can choose it for the tables where you want it to be stable, so it moves less during use. Since Cast Iron Table Legs are durable, it can lift heavy loads and can be used with a table top of any material.

Stylish Cast Iron Table Leg Models

Cast Iron Table Legs used in the design of indoor and outdoor spaces have various sizes. There are low-height designs that you can use as a coffee table. High models suitable for use as a dining table, bar table or tea table are also included in the product range. Models where 3-4 legs are diagonally gathered in the middle can be used with round and oval tables. Designs that distribute the load in four directions while maintaining the centre of gravity on both sides can be preferred on rectangular and square tables.

Models with rounded pot support for placing live and artificial flowers in the middle bring a different touch to outdoor spaces. In addition to simple designs suitable for modern style, there are also classical legs with intricate patterns. You can create stylish spaces by choosing between legs with a frame to place the table top; or models with supportive parts.